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1.0 mil. Optically Clear Polyester
With a permanent acrylic adhesive on one side with a clear film liner, and a removable acrylic adhesive with a clear printed film liner on the other side.
Permanent / Removable Acrylic Clear Film Clear Up to 3 Years
Recommended for Decal ApplicationsRecommended for Outdoor ApplicationsRecommended for Indoor Applications

Additional Specifications

  • Description: Catalina Graphic Films has developed an optically clear, two-sided tape for mounting non-adhesive substrates. This tape consists of a clear polyester film coated on one side with a clear permanent pressure sensitive adhesive and on the other with a clear removable adhesive, with two clear, plastic release liners.
  • Application: This product is intended to be used for converting a raw plastic film into a removable, pressure sensitive material, where the installation is to be optically clear, temporary, and clean removal of the signage is needed.
  • Face Film: 1.0 mil Polyester Carrier Film
  • Adhesive: P-82 clear acrylic pressure activated permanent; 65 ± 10 oz./lineal inch width
    R-32 clear acrylic pressure activated removable; 6 ± 2 oz./lineal inch width
  • Liner: 2.0-mil ± 0.2 mils clear polypropylene, silicone-coated on one side (First release liner to be removed; adjacent to the permanent adhesive)
    2.0-mil ± 0.2 mils clear, printed polypropylene, silicone-coated on one side (Second release liner to be removed; adjacent to the removable adhesive)
  • Opacity: Optically Clear
  • Indoor Durability: Up to 3 Years
  • Total Product Thickness: 7.0 ± 0.2 mils
  • Minimum Application Temperature: +40ºF on Permanent Side; +50°F on Removable Side
  • Service Temperature Range: -20° F. to +150° F.
  • Water Resistance: Excellent: test piece (with vinyl face film applied) aged 24 hrs. applied to stainless steel is not affected when immersed in 70ºF water for 24 hours
  • Solvent Resistance: Good for most petroleum based solvents. Ultimate resistance to solvents is highly dependent on the face film or substrate used. Edge sealing is recommended in high solvent exposure areas
  • Shelf Life: One year when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.
  • Sizes:
    38” x 50 YDS
    51” X 50 YDS
    54” X 50 YDS
  • Recommended Applications: Decals, Indoor, Outdoor

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