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Catalina’s window graphic materials are the most widely used films offered today and can be seen throughout the P.O.P. advertising industry.


Widely used at most fast food restaurant chains throughout the country, Clear-Ad® is a clear, flexible vinyl with a specially formulated lowtack removable adhesive used for interior and exterior applications requiring good clarity and easy removal with no adhesive residue.

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Sign-Ad® is a matte white, flexible vinyl with a specialty formulated low-tack removable adhesive used for applications requiring easy removal with no adhesive residue. Instead of flood coating clear film with white ink to make colors pop out, Sign-Ad is the ideal alternative when printing signage.

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Hi-Stat® Static Cling

Hi-Stat® static cling vinyl is a very soft, flexible vinyl which adheres to most clean, high polished smooth surfaces without adhesive. Some of the many uses include window advertising, point of purchase decals, seasonal decals, oil change labels, price stickers and vehicle advertising.

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Perforated One-Way Vision Film

Ideal for fleet graphics, glass windows and many other applications requiring graphics on one side and a clear, unobstructed view through the other. It is among the thickest perforated film currently used in the industry with two different hole sizes — standard view and super view for interior and exterior viewing.

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Barrier Films

Applied to Clear-Ad or Hi-Stat, the complete opacity of these barrier films allows the printing of two-way decals for interior and exterior viewing. Using barrier films avoids having to print many layers of ink on one film, which can cause the material to become extremely brittle if printing with UV inks.

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Catapaque is a bright white, opaque propylene film with excellent opacity for two-sided printing. It is engineered to feed quickly and reliably through sheeters and printing presses. Unlike competing block-out substrates, CataPaque has excellent  lay-flat characteristics and superior dimensional stability for precise color registration.

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Catalina Graphic Films

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